Keith Buswell is a non-traditional art student at University of Nebraska--LIncoln working in printmaking process such as screen printing, intaglio and mono-printing. He currently lives Lincoln with his husband Brad and his dog Max.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 Santa Reparata Student Art Show, Florence, Italy

2017 Nebraska Touring

2017 Being Human Pop Up Show, Lincoln, NE

2016 Nebraska National Juried Exhibition, Lincoln, NE

2016 Invisible Cities, Constellation Gallery, Lincoln, NE

2016 Earth Day Art Show– Crescent Moon Coffee Shop, Lincoln, NE

2015 Currents –Prescott Gallery, Lincoln, NE

2015 Porta – Eisentrager/Howard Gallery, Lincoln, NE

2015 Undergraduate Show - Eisentrager/Howard Gallery Lincoln, NE

2015 The Fourth Student Inernational Small Print Show- El Minia University, Minya, Egypt

2015 Santa Reparata Student Art Show, Florence, Italy

2015 Earth Day Art Show– Medici Gallery, Lincoln, NE


Solo Exhibitions

2015-2016 Roots, Jack’s Bar, Lincoln, NE



First Place Laurus Art Competition



Laurus Literary Magazine 2016 Edition

Laurus Literary Magazine 2017 Edition


Teaching Experience

2016 Lincoln Craft Studio teaching silk-screen processes


 Queer Culture


Inspiration is often the precipice by which artists look at out at the world. Their very roots influence and experiences are the basis for what they produce and how they manipulate their own world views into whatever substrate they prefer. Keith is no exception.

First, for Keith, inspiration comes from the beauty of nature, especially vegetation, as a way of interpreting humanity's own existence in this world.  Second, Keith looks toward the queer artists of the 1970s/80s from the Pop Art sensibilities of Andy Warhol to the erotic composition of Peter Hujar and Robert Maplethorpe. Combined with those issues surrounding queer theory (power and dominance, intersexuality, etc.) Keith creates works that reflects on the queer nature of objects while at the same time looking at what makes us human.